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Narragansett Villas 55+ Condos in Lindenhurst NY

Narragansett Villas Lindenhurst NY


Search below for Narragansett Villas Condo in Lindenhurst NY. There are two available.




Narragansett Villas is the only 55 & Over Active Adult Community in Lindenhurst NY.

Call Jackie (631) 703-0201 or email JackieConnelly@optonline.net and I will be happy to answer your questions about Narragansett Villas.

Naragansett Villas was built in 2004.
There are eight buildings and 136 condo units. All the condos are attached. The name Narragansett Villas came from the catering hall that used to be in the same location named Narragansett Inn. Narragansett Villas is located on Montauk Highway, East of Delaware Avenue and West of Little East Neck Road.

If you are looking for 55 & over active adult community in Lindenhurst NY, then Narragansett Villas may be perfect for you!

narragansett villas lindenhurst nyThere is an outdoor heated pool, boccie court, active clubhouse where you can play cards and meet up with new friends. They even have a monthly newsletter so you can keep up with the social activities that are planned and development news. And another plus, there is a free taxi day! Nice to save money on transportation.

You can either live in an upstairs unit or a ground floor unit. There are no duplexes. Upstairs units have a balcony. Downstairs units have a patio and a backyard. Narragansett Villas Condos all have two bedrooms, a full bath in the hallway and a full bath in the master bedroom. All units have central air/heat and there is also room for your own washer and dryer. Most have an open floor plan, spacious rooms & walk-in closets. Styles of kitchens will vary because some homeowners took the builders upgrades while others did not.

Narragansett Villas Lindenhurst NY Sales for 2010 to 2012
One condo sold in 2010 for $395,000. Two condos sold in 2011 for $305,000 and the other for $315,000. The following condos have sold in 2012:
Second Floor Unit - $312,000
First Floor Unit - $335,000
First Floor Unit - $338,000
First Floor Unit - $350,000
First Floor Corner Unit - $364,000

Narragansett Villas Recent Sales for 2013
1st Floor Unit - $337,500 (1/4/13)
1st Floor Unit - $341,000 (1/9/13)
1st Floor Unit - $335,000 (2/26/13)
1st Floor Unit - $325,000 (4/18/13)
1st Floor Unit - $330,000 (5/16/13)

Values have gone up at Narragansett Villas since 2011 already.

Narragansett Villas is conveniently located to shopping. A few minutes away is the Kmart shopping center and the Great South Bay Shopping Center. Aldi Foods supermarket is in the LA Fitness shopping center on Park Avenue. Also close by is the Venetian Shores Beach and the Beach Hut. The Beach Hut has a small outdoor water park which the kids love!

Want to see the outside of Narragansett Villas Condos without leaving home? View the driving tour video I created a few months ago:

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